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Microsoft Linux developments

   Welcome to, the ultimate resource for
   Microsoft's Linux products!

   NEW: Linux users can now become [26]Microsoft Certified Linux Experts!
   Don't miss this exciting opportunity!

   Rat Head Linux 6.2
      The most innovative Linux distribution ever! Featuring Linux
      Kernel 0.0.1, X11R5, sendmail 8.7.4, wu-ftpd 2.0 - see for
      yourself that even the most advanced Linux distribution out
      there is no match for Windows as far as stability, security,
      usability and scalability are concerned.
      Due to the horrible licensing in Linux, we have to make the
      source of some of our extensions to the Linux operating system,
      such as the bluescreen module, available to all our customers,
      and permit them to re-use it. Like GNU, though, we demand that
      you call any redistribution of Linux containing our
      modifications Microsoft/Linux or Microsoft/GNU/Linux instead of
      just Linux.

   Microsoft Windows® for Linux
      Microsoft Windows for Linux is not a Windows emulator. While it
      will not make your Linux system run Windows applications, it
      will make Linux much more user friendly (=more like windows).
      See, for example, a screenshot of Microsoft delTM, a part of
      Microsoft Windows for Linux, which replaces the primitive rm
      command on Linux systems. Microsoft del can be invoked as
      "del", "rm" and "erase":
      [root@linux-sucks /root]# rm -f "My Document.doc"
      Microsoft(R) del(TM) v5.003.001 - part of Microsoft(R)
      Windows(R) for Linux.
      Distributed under the GPL (
      Redistribution of this product will result in capital
      Report any illegal copies to
      Deleting the file My Document.doc...
      Are you sure you want to delete the file My Document.doc? [yN]
      Are you sure you are sure? [yN] y
      Really? [yN] y
      Deleting files can result in loss of stability, and in
      applications not
      working correctly anymore. Are you sure you want to do this?
      [yN] y
      Deleting a file results in a complete loss of warranty of your
      Microsoft Linux system. Are you aware of this? [yN] y
      Microsoft can not be held responsible for the results of you
      using Microsoft del on this file. If you agree, type "I AGREE".
      I AGREE
      Deleting files should only done by system administrators or
      experienced users.
      To make sure you may do this, enter your MCSE certificate
      number. 19999-22222-00007
      Accepted. You may proceed.
      WARNING: The filename "My Document.Doc" contains more than 8
      Rename to My Doc~1.doc? [Yn] y
      ERROR: Could not delete file: File not found.

   Microsoft® Visual® Basic® for® Linux®
      The ultimate programming toolkit, a must-have for every Linux
      Since Linux lacks a graphical user interface, we have had to
      redefine the world of linux programming, but also the interface
      of VB: You can now write code (or even text) by mouse-clicking
      on letters we're displaying on the screen instead of having to
      use that evil keyboard!
      You'll notice Visual Basic for Linux doesn't have all the fancy
      UI generation features you know from Visual Basic for Windows -
      that's because Linux is an inferior operating system. If you
      need the full functionality, upgrade your OS to [27]Microsoft

   Last updated: Wednesday, March 8 2000
        Y en sus enlaces, cosas como:

Welcome to Microsoft Certified Linux Expert (MCLE) training!

   This is a preview edition of the Microsoft Certified Linux Expert
   (MCLETM) test. The correct answers are currently shown in bold for
   your verification.

   [26]Let us know if you have any suggestions.

   This test is there to ensure you know everything you need to know
   about both the Linux operating system and the Linux community.
1. You are told to install a Web Server on a Linux system. What do you do?

   (_) Install Apache
   (_) Install Microsoft Internet Information Server
   (_) Linux is not stable enough for running web servers. I install
   Windows 2000 on the server.
   (_) Install phhttpd
2. If you hear someone in the Linux world praising RMS, he's talking about

   (_) Richard M. Stallman
   (_) Redmond's MicroSoft
   (_) Remote Machine Services
3. After bootup, a linux machine hangs, showing the error message "login:".
How do you fix this?

   (_) This is not a problem actually, I enter my login name and
   (_) Reboot, if that doesn't help, reinstall, if that doesn't help,
   complain to the vendor.
   (_) This system hang is a big enough problem to justify replacing
   Linux with Windows 2000

4. The correct way to install a word processor on Linux is:
   (_) rpm -i abiword-0.7.8-2.i386.rpm
   (_) dpkg -i koffice.deb
   (_) tar xzf lyx-1.0.1.tar.gz
   (_) Using kpackage to install an RPM, deb or tgz
   (_) Using gnorpm to install an RPM
   (_) /sbin/reboot, insert a Windows 98 disk, fdisk /mbr, fdisk, format
   c:, d:\setup

Microsoft Products
   Due to popular demand (users of real operating systems don't want to
   be bothered with Linux products), Microsoft's Linux products, Rat Head
   Linux and Microsoft Windows® for Linux, have been moved to
   Other Microsoft Products:
   Microsoft Windows® 2000
     The most innovative piece of theft ever! Absolute highlight:
     you can now telnet into your machine and execute some commands
     remotely! Just like you could in Unix systems about 20 years
     Another highlight is the introduction of 65535 all new bugs.
     Update: The actual number of bugs is much higher - our 16-bit
     operating system simply couldn't handle a higher number.
     You can read the press release [27]here.
   Microsoft Windows for Windows®
     The ultimate Microsoft Windows® emulator for Microsoft
     We guarantee that Microsoft Windows for Windows can run 100% of
     all Microsoft Windows applications and games.
     System requirements:
     + Pentium II, AMD Athlon or higher
     + 256 MB RAM
     + 850 MB free harddisk space
     + Microsoft Windows
     Order your copy of Microsoft Windows for Windows® now, and you
     get it at a special discount price of only $999.99!

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