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  REDMOND, WA -- Following months of speculation and paranoia in
  the Linux community, Microsoft has confirmed everyone's fears by
  announcing the imminent release of Microsoft Windows 98 for Linux
  (MSW4L). The new product is not a Windows emulator for Linux;
  instead, it features a set of kernel patches and userspace programs that
  make Linux more like Windows. Or, as one Microsoft representative
  said, "more user-friendly".

  The kernel patches mostly modify the Oops (kernel panic) code. With
  MSW4L, kernel errors will be displayed in a white-on-blue character
  cell screen. One kernel patch randomly adds the line strcpy(NULL,
  "Microsoft wins!"); throughout the kernel, causing random

  The userspace programs replace commonly used utilities. For example,
  here's a screenshot of the MSW4L rm command (also called DEL and

  [root@testbox root]# rm testfile~
  Microsoft rm v4.10.2222a for Linux
  (c) 1999-2000 Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA
  This program is part of Microsoft Windows for
  Linux. This program is released under the
  Microsoft GPL (Grossly Private License).
  No part of this program may be copied or
  disassembled. Violators will be hung.
  This will delete the file testfile~.
  Warning: The filename testfile~ has more than
  8 characters. Do you want to convert it to a
  reasonable format [suggested: testfi~1]
  before performing this operation? [Yn] n
  Do you want to delete the file %s? [yN] y

  Are you sure you want to do this? [yN] y
  Deleting a file can lead to loss of
  information. This program is for experienced
  users and system administrators only. Are you
  sure you want to proceed? [yN] y
  To prove you are a system administrator,
  please enter the number of your MSCE
  certificate. [] 123-1234567
  Certificate approved.

  Microsoft can not be held responsible for the
  effects of deleting a file. Using this
  command voids your warranty.
  Proceed? [yN] y
  Error: File testfile~ not found.
  [root@testbox root]#

  Microsoft Windows 98 for Linux can be purchased at your favorite
  computer store for only $499.99. A "Plus!" version with printed
  documentation and the Microsoft Solitaire for Linux game is available
  for $599.99.
  DISCLAIMER: Microsoft, Windows, the Blue Screen of Death, Bugs,
  Malfunctions, Missing Features and Bad Support are registered
  trademarks of Microsoft Corp. "for" is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.
  Linux will be a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. as soon as the
  government accepts the bribes.

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