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From: "J.A. Gutierrez" 
Newsgroups: es.comp.os.linux.misc
Subject: Re: Lo peor los medios de comunicacion
Date: 19 May 2000 16:46:52 GMT

Alberto Trillo  wrote:

: para actuar. A ver si te crees que en NT/2000 se tiene acceso a todo el
: sistema. 

	por defecto, si.

	De todas formas, sacado de otro grupo:


To all Linux and *BSD users, a new virus has been detected that is
specifically targeted at you. It is spread through email and needs
only for the email to be *viewed* for the virus to be activated. It
does require some user intervention for the full effects to occur, so
the best prevention is an aware user. Accordingly, I have included the
full text of the virus below.

Dr. S. Euss

(director - Linux/Unix Virii Grand Overview Database)

-- virus begins here --------
# Honour virus
# Dear Linux/*BSD user,
# As you have avoided the various virii inflicted upon your poor
# Windows-using cousins, please take a moment to read this letter and
# then follow the instructions below. 
# In the spirit of cooperation of the free software community, this
# virus was written to depend on your cooperation and good will - hence
# the name "honour" virus. With your cooperation, this virus can spread
# as rapidly as the lovebug virus, once again showing how the free
# software community can respond to issues quicker than the largest
# propriatary software maker.
# The virus starts here:
# 1. Please delete, at random, 10 (ten) .jpg, .mpg, .mp3, or .mov files from
# your hard drive. Please do not choose files for which you have a
# backup, as that would be unfair to all the Windows users who *never*
# backup their data.
# 2. Please send this email to everybody you have ever received an email
# from. We realise that you might have to write a short shell script to
# do this easily, but we feel that, as a Linux or *BSD user, you are
# most likely to be able to do this without relying on built-in insecure
# scripting mechanisms.
# 3. If you are reading this in your workplace, please shut down your
# workplace's email system and internet access for 3 working days -
# again this is just so we can empathise fully with Windows-using
# companies.
# 4. When asked if the writers of Linux or *BSD are to blame, claim that
# the virus only spread because of intervention by the user's brain and
# that the tight integration between your wetware and the OS is a good
# thing that is misused by malicious virus writers.
# 5. If you are Linux Torvalds, Alan Cox, or you have ever written any
# free software, write an essay for Time magazine complaining that it
# will be much harder to protect Linux users from virii such as this
# unless Linux is sold to company asnd development continues only in a
# closed-source environment. In particular, all user knowledge of the OS
# must be erased if such virii are to be prevented in the future.
# 6. As this virus is copylefted under the GPL, feel free to modify,
# err, mutate, and distribute widely.
# Thank you. And remember, open source virii are far superior to
# proprietary virii!
# Tuxunamis Infectious

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