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From: Han Solo 
Newsgroups: es.comp.os.linux.misc
Subject: [off topic] Mensajes de error de perl
Date: 07 Oct 2000 18:30:23 +0200

Hola a todos. He leído esto en una lista de perl. Me ha parecido
buenísimo. Remitido por Roberto Andrade.

De un mensaje de Perl Monger:

In response to the news, a rogue group of Perl hackers have
presented a plan to add a "use really_goddamn_strict"
pragma to the language that would enforce readability and
unobfuscation.  With this pragma in force, the Perl
compiler might say:

 Warning: Program contains zero comments.  You've probably
 never seen or used one before; they begin with a #
 symbol.  Please start using them or else a representative
 from the nearest Perl Mongers group will come to your
 house and beat you over the head with a cluestick.

 Warning: Program uses a cute trick at line 125 that might
 make sense in C.  But this isn't C!

 Warning: Code at line 412 indicates that programmer is an
 idiot. Please correct error between chair and monitor.

 Warning: While There's More Than One Way To Do It, your
 method at line 523 is particularly stupid.  Please try

 Warning: Write-only code detected between lines 612 and
 734. While this code is perfectly legal, you won't have
 any clue what it does in two weeks.  I recommend you start

 Warning: Code at line 1,024 is indistinguishable from line
 noise or the output of /dev/random

 Warning: Have you ever properly indented a piece of code
 in your entire life?  Evidently not.

 Warning: I think you can come up with a more descriptive
 variable name than "foo" at line 1,523.

 Warning: Programmer attempting to re-invent the wheel at
 line 2,231. There's a function that does the exact same
 thing on CPAN -- and it actually works.

 Warning: Perl tries to make the easy jobs easy without
 making the hard jobs impossible -- but your code at line
 5,123 is trying to make an easy job impossible.  

 Error: Programmer failed to include required string "All
 hail Larry Wall" within program.  Execution aborted due to
 compilation errors.

Of course, convincing programmers to actually use that
pragma is another matter.  "If somebody actually wanted to
write readable code, why would they use Perl?  Let 'em use
Python!" exclaimed one Usenet regular.  "So this pragma is
a waste of electrons, just like use strict and the -w
command line parameter."

Un Saludo

Han Solo
The Rebel Alliance

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notepad.exe? Do you tell your fat kids they can only have the crummy
games that come with their video games or plain dress that comes with

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