ara>Note especially that /tools/lib appears as the prefix of our dynamic linker. If the output is not as shown above, or there was no output at all, then something is seriously wrong. You will need to investigate and retrace your steps to find out where the problem is and correct it. There is no point in continuing until this is done. First, perform the sanity check again, using gcc instead of cc. If this works then the /tools/bin/cc symlink is missing. Revisit and install the symlink. Second, ensure your PATH is correct. You can check this by running echo $PATH and verifying that /tools/bin is at the head of the list. If the PATH is wrong it could mean you're not logged in as user lfs or something went wrong back in . Third, something may have gone wrong with the specs file amendment above. In this case redo the specs file amendment being careful to cut-and-paste the commands. Once you are satisfied that all is well, clean up the test files: rm dummy.c a.out