%general-entities; ]> Adjusting the toolchain Now that the temporary C libraries have been installed, all the tools compiled in the rest of this chapter should be linked against these libraries. In order to accomplish this the linker, and the compiler's specs file, need to be adjsted. Some people would say that there is black magic juju below this line, but it is really very simple. First the adjusted linker is installed (adjusted at the end of the first pass of Binutils), by running the following command from within the binutils-build directory: make -C ld install From this point onwards everything will link only against the libraries in /tools/lib. If you missed the earlier warning to retain the Binutils source and build directories from the first pass, dont worry - all is not lost. Just ignore the above command. This results in a small chance of the subsequent testing programs linking against libraries on the host. This is not ideal, but it's not a major problem. The situation is corrected when the second pass of Binutils is installed later on. Now that the adjusted linker is installed, the Binutils build and source direcotries should be removed. The next task is to amend our GCC specs file