listitem>lfs-utils-0.5 MAKEDEV-1.7 man-1.5m2-manpath.patch man-1.5m2-pager.patch modutils-2.4.25 ncurses-5.3-etip-2.patch ncurses-5.3-vsscanf.patch net-tools-1.60-miitool-gcc33-1.patch procinfo-18 procps-3.1.11-locale-fix.patch shadow-4.0.3-newgrp-fix.patch zlib-1.1.4-vsnprintf.patch June 2, 2004 [matt]: Prologue - acknowledgments, Added Thomas Reitelbach as the German translator June 2nd, 2004 [winkie]: Upgraded to GCC 3.4.1-20040601. This release fixes bugs with reference to both GCC 3.4.0 and GCC 3.4.1-20040517. Also upgraded to Glibc 2.3.4-20040529 which includes lots of fixes for non-x86 architectures. June 1st, 2004 [winkie]: Upgraded to Binutils This release provides the -z relro option. June 1st, 2004 [winkie]: Inconsequential wrapping fixes. May 29, 2004 [alexander]: Mentioned the hotplug+ud